Terumo’s Full Support of Same-Day Discharge for the Care of Patients Undergoing Elective PCI

October 5, 2020

For the last 100 years, we at Terumo have been “…contributing to society through healthcare…” and this mission is as relevant today as it was at the start. As a premiere medical device company, we have been the champions of all things radial. In addition to providing quality products which ensure the safety and efficiency of radial access, we continue to provide educational activities and information to afford our customers and, most importantly, their patients the benefits of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic advances.

As a practicing interventional cardiologist, prior to joining Terumo full time, I had the opportunity to participate in the “radial wave” from the early stages. I witnessed the dramatic improvement in patient satisfaction as well as the improved outcomes my patients were enjoying. As an important bleeding avoidance strategy, radial access has been shown to improve morbidity and, in higher bleeding risk patients, mortality. In addition to a decrease in bleeding and access site complications, this approach has proven to reduce costs as a result of reduced bleeding, more efficient utilization of staff and increased bed availability. These clinical and operational successes have paved the way for a more widespread use of same day discharge (SDD).

The trend toward expedited/same day discharge as a significant cost savings endeavor has begun to take hold in this era of improved bleeding avoidance strategies. We are now seeing an acceleration of the “radial first” approach to elective PCI continue to drive down cost and significantly improve patient satisfaction. Patients undergoing more “complex” PCI procedures may now be discharged on the day of the procedure with careful attention to the type of procedure, patient co-morbidities and patient support and follow up.

Once again, as a company Terumo is fully supporting SDD for the care of patients undergoing elective PCI by introducing our “PCI in 6” program. This program is being created to assist hospitals with the implementation of protocols with a focus on ensuring the safety of their patients while decreasing costs, increasing bed availability, improving outcomes and of course, increasing patient satisfaction. In leveraging data which suggests we can achieve cost reduction without increasing adverse outcomes we have created several tools which can be implemented by hospitals and cath labs to assist in achieving a robust SDD program. The tools will focus on operational efficiencies, clinical practice and post procedural follow up and care. We look forward to introducing PCIin6 and advancing our commitment to “…contributing to society through healthcare.”

About the Author

Chief Medical Officer
Terumo Medical Corporation

Contact: michael.martinelli@terumomedical.com

Dr. Michael Martinelli is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Terumo Medical Corporation.  He had a long and successful career as an Interventional Cardiologist at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, NY where, he served as Chief of Cardiology.  He is a fellow of the Society for Cardiac Angiography & Intervention (FSCAI), fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC). Dr. Martinelli is published and has extensive experience as an investigator for pharmaceutical and device clinical trials.