TBE Leverages Experience and Expertise into Mexico

September 30, 2019

Terumo Business Edge (TBE) possesses the experience and expertise to help any hospital facilitate the necessary process improvements to achieve the goals and objectives that will facilitate greater cost effectiveness in the care delivery model, in this case the cardiac cath lab and same day discharge, while at the same time, maintaining an overriding goal of quality outcomes and a high patient satisfaction. 

In late 2018, TBE was contacted by our Terumo Mexico organization with the intent of how we might help the Hospital Director, Dr. José Alfredo Merino Rajme of ISSSTE Centro Medico Nacional 20 de Noviembre of Mexico City, Mexico in his efforts to maximize the delivery of care to the cardiac cath lab within a constrained cost model that is typical of Mexico and many other countries.  After several discussions and planning, it was agreed that in early 2019 the TBE team, led by our Senior Care Pathways Manager, Anne Beekman, RN, would take on the project and over the course of one week on site, the new process model was identified and presented to the hospital leadership.  After discussion of the logistical space and patient flow process, Dr. Merino undertook the decision to build out a dedicated recovery space to further help facilitate this new process.  Now, six months later, TBE through cooperation with our Terumo Mexico organization and Dr. Merino’s staff we are generating metrics to help guide and inform them of their tremendous progress and where there exist other opportunities to further leverage efforts to improve same day discharge of cardiac cath patients.  This enables greater throughput and reduced costs, thus enabling the institute to deliver more care to patients without increasing costs.  A win-win for everyone.

The importance and rationale for looking at your current care delivery model, regardless of what healthcare system you operate within cannot be overstated.  Reducing care variation and achieving operational efficiency not only helps drive costs down, but improves provider, staff and patient satisfaction in our experiences.  We certainly applaud ISSSTE Centro Medico Nacional 20 de Noviembre of Mexico City in their efforts to recognize and act on the need for change.

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Gary has an extensive 35-year cardiovascular background, encompassing work in cath labs, open heart surgery, cardiac pacing, education, marketing and business development. While working at Terumo he developed, launched and managed the introduction of transradial procedures in the US, evolving a market adoption that has grown from 2% to 40% over the past ten years. He has worked with countless healthcare professionals to generate the overwhelming body of evidence supporting the clinical, economic and patient benefits of transradial access. As a result, he was tasked with evolving a business unit that could assist hospitals in becoming more economically viable by implementing care pathways that leverage cost-effective delivery of care.